How to Become a High Class Escort

Updated: Jan 2

I Googled "how to become a high class escort" out of curiosity, and some of the search results were wild, to say the least. One guide claims that in order to succeed in sex work, a woman must "be of excellent breeding." Another proposes that "you must take some classes in piano, flute, cello, or clarinet." Umm... what?

Newsflash! While sex work requires a degree of oral dexterity, learning to play a wind instrument isn't going to improve your blowjob skills that much. And so, I'm here to tell you two things:

1. These online guides are full of shit.

2. What you really need to know if you're considering becoming a high class escort in Australia.


Step One | Consider Whether Escorting is Right for you.

Entering the sex industry is a huge decision that will inevitably expose you to a multitude of risks. While escorting may appear glamorous on social media, there are downsides that are rarely discussed publicly.

Meeting strangers in an intimate setting is always accompanied by health and safety risks. No matter how careful an escort is, humans are unpredictable and accidents do happen. You could be the most experienced escort in the world, and a client could turn unexpectedly, or a condom could break at random. There is no way to eliminate these risks completely. It's simply about minimising them.

In addition to health and safety risks, sex work may pose risks to your privacy and personal life. There are a multitude of ways escorts can maintain privacy online, like blurring their face in their advertising. Again, no matter how careful someone is, there is always a chance of being "outed" unexpectedly. I had a girlfriend who blurred her face, and she was unfortunately outed by a client who recognised her at the gym and gossiped to the staff members. These situations are rare, but it is naive to think they won't happen.

Escorting can be incredibly lucrative, but it pays to reeeally think about it before you take the leap. Be sure to weigh up the pros and cons, and consider whether the risks are worth the rewards.


Step Two | Get Clear on your Boundaries.

Being certain of your boundaries before you start working will give you the clarity and conviction to assert them with clients. I recommend writing a list of sexual acts on a piece of paper, and drawing up three columns beside them. Spend time reviewing the list and place a tick in the three columns, which you can title "yes," "no," or "maybe." This is an iterative process, and you may find that your boundaries change over time.

Myth: In order to make the most money, you must provide the most services.

Many escorts fall into the trap of believing this fallacy, and find themselves providing explicit services that they're not comfortable with. This can lead to burn-out, resentment towards clients, and less chance of maintaining regular clientele, as they can often sense your discomfort.

By contrast, The Companion Collective advocates for maintaining strong boundaries and working in ways that feel good for you. This is beneficial for your mental health first and foremost, and your bank balance too. When you're clear on what you want, you attract clients who are genuinely compatible and bring out the best in you. When you're happy and comfortable in the presence of your ideal clients, they become magnetised to the infectious positive energy and will want to see you again and again. Hello, six figure income!


Step Three | Decide on a Name.

This can be surprisingly tricky! We'll be publishing an entire blog dedicated to this topic later in the month, but if I can offer one piece of advice right now, it's this: For the love of god, Google the name first and make sure it isn't already taken!


Step Four | Choose a Path Forward.

Whether you decide to become an escort independently, through an agency, or with The Companion Collective depends on your goals, lifestyle, and expectations. Here's a brief overview of the different business models to assist you in making this decision.

Note: This information is provided based on my knowledge of the adult industry in Perth, Western Australia. Interstate agencies and escort managers may vary.

Independent escorting.

Pros: Unrestricted flexibility and freedom in your decision-making processes. Complete control over your working hours, services, and screening. Potential to earn a higher income, as you are not paying management fees. Opportunities for career progression and increased rates over time.

Cons: Overhead costs can be expensive (the cost of your phone, advertising, photoshoots, and apartment or hotel to work from). The responsibility of providing your own security. Without marketing knowledge or mentoring, it can be difficult to attract and retain your ideal clients. Monitoring the phone constantly can be time-consuming and energy-draining. It can feel lonely and isolating for those who don't have friends in the industry.

Escort agencies / managers.

Pros: Working hours can be flexible (at the manager's discretion). Some training may be provided. A social environment, with opportunities to make friends. Advertising and client communication is taken care of. No start-up costs. Professional photos provided (although, you may be asked to pay for these).

Cons: No screening, or inadequate screening procedures, means dangerous clients can easily make a booking. Bookings usually take place late in the evening / early hours of the morning, increasing the likelihood of clients being drunk or drug-affected. Management are not trauma-informed or conscious of mental health. Take a percentage of earnings and extras, so the harder you work, the more the manager profits. Pressures escorts to provide services they aren't comfortable with. Often operate from cheap incall locations with limited security features (eg. no video intercom, meaning you do not see the person coming to the door until you're face to face with them). Marketing takes a "cookie cutter" copy and paste approach, meaning your advertising will not stand out, making it more difficult to attract clients who are truly a match for you.

[Note: It may seem like this blog is anti-agency, and that isn't the case at all! In my experience, all escort agencies and managers in Perth are currently operating with unethical and exploitative business practices. If you, or someone you know, runs an ethical escort agency or management, I'd love to hear from you! I favour collaboration over competition, and the more options we have for safe working environments, the better.]

The Companion Collective.

Pros: Strict screening procedures for every client - no exceptions. Complete control over the services you provide. Bookings take place during the day, decreasing the likelihood of clients being drunk or drug-affected. Ethical, trauma-informed female team. Ongoing training provided. Opportunities for career progression and increased rates over time. Asks for a fixed fee, rather than a percentage of earnings. 100% of extras are paid directly to you. Luxurious incall location. No start-up costs. Professional photos provided (paid for by The Companion Collective). Marketing tailored to your personality, to ensure you attract your ideal clients and build a brand over time.

Cons: Limited hours of operation. We respond to client enquiries from 9:00am - 9:00pm on all days of the week, and we take bookings between these hours from Monday - Saturday. This may not be suitable for those wanting to work late in the evenings.


Step Five | Taking the Plunge.

Once you've decided on a business model that suits you, it's time to take action!

Pursuing independent escorting will require you to buy a separate phone for enquiries, obtain high-quality photos for your advertising, write and publish your advertising profile, find an apartment or hotel to work from, and consider security and screening.

Working for an agency or escort manager will require you to contact them directly, via phone or email, and they'll initiate the start-up process for you.

Collaborating with The Companion Collective starts with sending an email via the Apply page of our website, and we initiate the start-up process for you.


Step Six | Register an ABN.

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique number that identifies your business to the government and community. It is a legal requirement for self-employed business owners, and having an ABN allows you to operate legitimately and pay tax. Registering for an ABN is a fast and simple process that can be completed online via the Australian Government Business website.

I've listed this as the final step because I recommend registering for an ABN only after you have commenced working, and are sure sex work is right for you.

The Companion Collective advocates for the consideration of sex work as a legitimate business. We provide comprehensive guidance relating to taxation and finances to every woman who chooses to collaborate with us, to ensure she is operating legally and making the most of her earnings. (Eg. Setting up financially to invest or buy property.)


Final Note.

Regardless of the path you choose - be sure to listen to your intuition and follow the wisdom of your heart. These are our superpowers, and when we honour them, we can't go wrong.

Bonnie x

Founder of The Companion Collective

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