1. Is The Companion Collective an escort agency?

No. We are similar to an escort agency in the sense that we provide a location and take care of the administration, advertising, and security. However, Perth escort agencies tend to operate with a "boss" and "worker" power dynamic where the workers have little autonomy. 


By contrast, The Companion Collective is a consulting firm, providing escort management and mentoring services to support you in achieving your goals. You remain in complete control of the services you provide and the clients you see, and we build a brand based on what feels good for you. Essentially, you work with us, not for us. Think of our staff like personal assistants who take care of the business side of things, leaving you with more energy to focus on what really matters: the time you spend your clients.

2. Is escorting experience required?

Not at all. Whether you're industry-savvy or starting from scratch, comprehensive training is provided for everyone who chooses to work with us.

3. Do I need to look a certain way?

We believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so we don't insist on a certain "look." However, we do ask that you're well-groomed and well-presented.

4. What is the hourly rate?

Hourly rates are decided based on a number of factors, including the services you provide. Before you begin, you will meet with a manager to discuss a rate structure that suits your experience and expectations.

At The Companion Collective, we are committed to helping you build a successful brand. We believe that hard work deserves to be rewarded, so as time passes and you build a reputable name in the industry, there is a possibility of your rates increasing.

5. What percentage do you take?

We believe it is unfair to take a percentage of earnings. When a percentage is taken, this means the manager is paid more when the escort earns more money (usually by providing additional services), even though the manager has not done any extra work! In our experience, this often leads to exploitation as managers push escorts to provide explicit services, so that they can profit from the escort's earnings.

We are the only escort management business in Australia that asks for a fixed fee. Regardless of how much your rates increase over time, or how much clients tip you for extra services, you keep the additional earnings and our fee stays the same.

6. What do the fees cover?

The fees cover the cost of your advertising, phone, professional photoshoots, 5-star work space, supplies (condoms, lubricants, refreshments, etc), and the personalised mentoring and management you'll receive from our staff.

7. Where will I work from?

We provide a 5-star, discreet workplace in Perth CBD. To our knowledge, our location is the most luxurious incall space in Perth.

Sometimes clients may request that you visit their hotel for an outcall. Whether or not you provide this service is at your discretion.

8. Will I see other escorts at the incall?

No. A manager will meet you at the incall and you will be the only escort working during your shift. We understand that many managers in Perth operate with multiple girls working in the same apartment at the same time, however this is technically classified as a brothel.

9. Will I have to show my face?

Absolutely not. We take privacy very seriously, and we recommend blurring your face and identifying features in your advertising.

10. When are your busiest times?

Our target clientele are corporate businessmen, so our busiest times are mornings, afternoons, and early evenings. We typically discourage late-night bookings.

11. Is it safe?

Out of all escort agencies and managers in Perth, our screening procedure is the strictest. Given the sensitive nature of this topic, we cannot post specifics about our screening process online.

12. Do you hire men?

No. Our team is female-only and we have no interest in collaborating with men. Any correspondence sent by men will be ignored.

Any questions?

Please contact us via the details on our Applications page.