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The Companion Collective was created by a sex worker, for sex workers, to provide a safe environment for women to thrive and reach their fullest potentials.

What if we told you that you could attract the clients of your dreams, feel energised and empowered by your work, and earn a six-figure cash income along the way?


Our female-only team of highly successful escorts (past and present) know this is possible, because we've been there. Having achieved success for ourselves, we're now on a mission to uplift other women and revolutionise the adult industry.

The Companion Collective is not just another escort agency.

We go above and beyond in offering so much more.

At The Companion Collective, we work with you and for you to co-create a luxury brand that fits your personality and preferences. Our team manage everything from advertising and administration, to security and screening, while you remain in control of the services you offer and the hours you work. We take care of everything you need to succeed as a high class escort, leaving you with more energy to focus on what really matters: you!

Our team know exactly what it takes to get to the top, and we're sharing our secrets to help you do the same.


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Ethical Management

Absolute Autonomy

The Companion Collective prioritises health, privacy, and safety above all else. We've created a business model that is ethical and trauma-informed, to ensure your wellbeing is protected.

We adhere to a strict "your body, your rules" policy. You maintain control over the hours you work, the services you provide, and the clients you see. There is never any pressure to do things you are not comfortable with.

Ongoing Training

Get on top, and stay on top, with ongoing training and mentorship. We share our juiciest tips and tricks to fast-track you to success.

Daily Cash Payments

The legal way! As well as expert advice on how to set yourself up for saving and investing.

Unlimited $ Potential

As you establish a reputable brand and regular client base, there may be opportunities for your rates to increase. Because we ask for a set fee rather than a percentage, the additional income goes straight into your pocket. You also keep all tips and extras.

A Female-Only Team

Each member of our team is extensively experienced in the industry. When you choose to work with us, we provide comprehensive training and education on sexual health, safety, and privacy - speaking from a place of experience.

Upmarket Clientele

Our screening procedure is the strictest of any adult industry business in Perth. All clients undergo a thorough screening process before their booking is confirmed. No exceptions.

Luxury Experiences

We're all about the vibes. We employ a photographer to capture professional images for your profile, and you get exclusive use of the most luxurious incall locations in Perth.

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Are you a woman who wants the most from life?

Are you someone who refuses to settle?

If you're interested in becoming a high class escort, we'd love to hear from you.

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